Why do I like MILF phone sex so much??

First off, what is a MILF? I think that most of us all know this popular acronym, but MILF stands for Moms I Like to Fuck. Its funny as a younger guy because I never thought that I would be into older women.

I mean I thought that younger women had so much more to offer. But as I got older, I realized this is not true. The following are my reasons for why MILFs are hotter, sexier and better than younger women.


Here are my TOP REASONS why MILFs are so great:

There are many reasons why I think fuckable moms are really amazing. They are experienced and they know what they want. They do not waste any time playing games. They want sex and they want it now. They will not ever play coy or shy, they have been around the block, and know what life is all about - - and they want to live it up, especially sexually. It is really quite remarkable how aggressive and horny they are.

Women biologically reach their sexual peak in their mid-thirties while guys reach their peak in the late teens. It stands to reason there are a lot of horny older chicks out there. I realize we are not able to screw 24-hours a day, so when its time to hang out-side of the bedroom, these older women have no problem spending money on their guy. In fact, I actually think it gets them off. Yeah, lets see some hormonal younger dude do that (not!).

Cougars are MILFs that prefer, and chase, younger guys. That is how they get the name, because they are on the prowl. When you are out somewhere, and you see a cougar going in for the action, stand back and watch, because it is a beautiful sight to behold. They have so much raw sexuality, and just all-out go for it! Quite frankly, I cannot blame them for wanting to fuck young hard studs. I am really ok with that concept, as long as they are fucking me too.

And there is nothing like a MILF that has kept in shape. That is so hot, there are few things hotter! I mean why are they trying so hard to be in shape? I think it is totally obvious they do so attract more guys, just as we guys did when we were younger to attract more girls. And they WANT to feel sexy and powerful, which tips the sexy scale even further. So these fuck-ready women have got attitude, confidence, tits that beg to be squeezed, and tight legs and asses that they want to wrap around you.

A lot of these mature women have had enhancement work done. And come one, lets face it, boob jobs today look and feel fantastic. It is such a turn on to see some thin older chick with massive tits. I mean, really, what is that all about. I am telling you they are freaks (in a good way).

And then, I know that we ALL love lipstick lesbians. You can spot those girls-who-love-kissing-other-girls from a mile away. Well guess what, so do these older freaks. Ok, not all of them, but in my experience a vast majority do. And guess what, they are more than willing to do a three-way to keep their fuck partners happy and satisfy their deep orgasm yearnings.

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